If I’m So Smart Why Am I So Fat?

About 10 or 15 years ago,  I looked in the mirror and I looked around at fellow Mensans and decided we may be smart but if being overweight is a sign of intelligence, then we have to redefine something.  I weighed maybe 220 and had weighed that most of my adult life.   I couldn’t see where weighing 160 or 220 would have made much difference.  I had good jobs, nice girlfriends, a nice wife or two, and good health.  In fact the only thing where weight was a handicap was windsurfing in light winds against average weight people.  This was most of the time of course.  The weight was an advantage when the wind picked up and I had better control than many others.  The windsurfers didn’t factor in weight the same as Hobie Cat racers have to.  A Hobie Cat and crew can carry an low weight handicap (ballast)  so that the competition becomes a skill challenge rather than who weighs less.  Being a mensan, I,  of course,  sat down and wrote an article about fat rather than eating less.

Tom at Inspiration Point – A weighty figure indeed. Oct 2008.

Now it’s 10 or 12 years later in Dec 2008 and it’s time to take action.  Let’s not rush in to things.   Read on about the process.  The original article looked at my diet and concluded I was suffering from too much of a good thing.  The problem was concentrated calories from food that had been processed.  The engineer in me said lower the processing efficiency by eating more vegetables and less pizza, peanut butter, bread, sugary stuff, and cheeses . It also noted in my case at least concentrated sugar and starch were addictive in the sense that I always wanted to eat more after eating some. The food pyramid that was being pushed at the time was clearly the road to overweight.  None of this was insightful as it had been said repeatedly for more than a 100 years.

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3 Responses to If I’m So Smart Why Am I So Fat?

  1. Wendy says:

    Loved your article 🙂

  2. aONOM says:

    This is especially insigthful as well

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